COGNITUS at ICT 2018 Imagine Digital in Vienna

COGNITUS was pleased to be invited to participate as an exhibitor in ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Connect Europe Dec 4-6th, in Vienna, Austria. This research and innovation event focused on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. COGNITUS provided demos to a steady flow of visitors throughout the 3 days of the event. Visitors provided positive feedback on the concepts, crowd sourcing of the videos and smart tools for producers. Some were also interested in concerns about fake news, and how the usage of COGNITUS can help through a) sourcing content directly through the app (rather than posts from social media that may have been heavily edited or gathered from elsewhere), b) COGNITUS is designed for producer control of the content (which in responsible hands would mitigate against this), and c) the COGNITUS collaboration with the H2020 InVid project through using its Verification Plugin (to debunk fake news and to verify videos and images). Visitors found the mobile app and platform to be appealing, and amongst many very interested visitors COGNITUS was of particular interest to a Belgium broadcaster, and Norwegian technology transfer company.

Visitors were also keen to see our results from BBC Music Day and our other pilots in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, and at the London Pride Parade 2018.