We are excited to announce that COGNITUS technology for managing the smooth integration of enhanced user-generated videos in UHD broadcast workflows will be demonstrated at the IBC Show 2018.

Come and see the COGNITUS approach to the convergence of broadcast and User Generated Content (UGC) for future interactive UHD services at the Future Zone 8.F14. We’ll demo and discuss:

• HD to UHD enhancement
• Metadata enrichment
• Plot authoring
• Adaptive delivery
• Immersive sound reproduction
• Smart content correlation
• Mobile and producer applications
• Set-top-box and companion applications
• Reward scheme
• HEVC Turing Codec

Experience the outcomes of our recent project trials in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK and Sports events in Greece.
COGNITUS is an EC Horizon 2020 funded European research project studying the convergence of broadcast and user-generated content for future interactive Ultra-High definition (UHD) services.

Come along to the COGNITUS stand in the Future Zone 8.F14 for a demo of the end-to-end solutions.

To arrange a meeting, please contact us at